1. CAPTION CONTEST!!! Funniest caption will get a shoutout! #ismokeit
    Photo: @whitegirl.wasted_420

  2. What’s your flavor? 📷: @joxxda1 #ismokeit

  3. Wowsers! @swisher_sadie let me taste some looks amazing. #ismokeit.com

  4. Early morning wake and bake with @dabsdame_texis. Check her feed out it’s couldn’t with a chance of booty. #ismokeit

  5. Just a handful of goodies
    📷: @tok_a_nutz

  6. The user name says it all @therealpurpsmcnuggets #ismokeit.com

  7. Check out this nuggy from @kushgeek #ismokeit

  8. Holy grow! Check out the homie @dialect00’s feed. #ismokeit

  9. Dabbed out kitty from @goody2shoes710 go show her some love and make sure to use the hashtag #ismokeit on all hour weed pics.

  10. Time to roll up with @jms23 #ismokeit.com