1. My kinda birthday cake. Take your stoniest friend. #ismokeit

  2. Head over to #ismokeit.com today and order a @ihit24_7 case to protect rolls and watch some funny videos. Show them some love give them a follow.

  3. Huge shoutout to @fiendstakedrugs!! Taking a dab on the spot JFK was assassinated in Dallas today at the #norml event. Show him some love!

  4. Cotton candy dreams with @thedabden_710 #ismokeit

  5. Haters gonna hate, I’m going to keep smoking #ismokeit

  6. If you smoke with us… #ismokeit

    TAG who you’ll be smoking with tonight. It’s Friday time to get high day.

  7. Such a sick rig! @PuffGlass collab @bobtheglassblower #ismokeit

  8. Time for a trim! #ismokeit

  9. Who’s taking #dabs this morning? #wakeandbake #ismokeit.com

  10. Tag the last friend you got high with.
    Go now to ISMOKEIT.com to see the full video. New and updated song from @weedmaps